North Cyprus Doctors Calling for Curfew

North Cyprus News - People on street - maskedTRNC physicians are calling for curfews. They have said that some of the public have not absorbed the gravity of the coronavirus pandemic.

Emphasising that there is a 14 day quarantine rule, some people are still walking the streets risking the spread of the virus or of acquiring it themselves.

Chief Physician and Cardiovascular Surgery Specialist Nicosia Burhan Nalbantoğlu State Hospital Dr. Hasan Birtan said that the measures taken by the government are in line with the rest of the world.

He noted that the attitude of the public will be effective in reducing the risk of spreading the virus. It is obvious that the public is still processing the seriousness of the situation. This attitude can have negative consequences; globally, hospitals could not prevent such an epidemic. Public attitudes are do not bode well. I hope our people take the warnings seriously for all our sakes, or we could end up being like Italy.

A curfew should be declared if matters get worse, he said.

North Cyprus News - Filiz Besim
Former Health Minister
Filiz Besim

Former health minister Dr. Filiz Besim said that people still wandering on the streets which indicates that serious warnings are being ignored. Besim emphasized the importance of 14 days quarantine.

Besim said, “Home quarantine creates serious problems. Those who stayed in their homes for 3 or 4 days have gone out on the streets and came into contact with people. It is not clear how this epidemic will affect us. Seriously, it was imperative that people not come into contact with each other. Somehow, curfews should be implemented without restricting people’s freedom. A committee that can manage this crisis should be established.

There are serious problems among public employees, health professionals who are not sufficiently protected. No masks and gloves. Our health infrastructure is not ready for this crisis, we have 800 people in quarantine. People should stay in their homes, yet they flock to the markets. The government should take wider measures, and make all necessary efforts to explain the seriousness of the pandemic. Many decisions are unfortunately not being implemented. There are those still coming from abroad and this number will increase. We must be prepared for anything”.

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