North Cyprus included in Turkey’s World Heritage project

Turkish Tourism and Promotion Platform (TUTAP) has included in its promotional activities many historical sites in North Cyprus

Acting within the framework of Turkey’s World Heritage promotion project, president of TUTAP Fikret Yildiz, said that their aim is to bring 2 million tourists to North Cyprus during the 2016-2017 tourist season.

Speaking on Bayrak Radio, Yildiz explained that TRNC tourism will be promoted at all promotion activities being held in the Turkic speaking countries with the contribution of TURKSOY and in all the tourism fairs that they attend.

Yildiz added that the historical sites in North Cyprus that will be included in the “World Heritage Turkey project” and can be counted as “World Heritage” are the Lala Mustafa Pasa mosque, the Selimiye mosque, Bedesten, Salamis ruins, Bellapais Abbey, St Hilarion Castle and Kyrenia castle.

He added that these historical sites will be promoted on every platform that Turkey is promoted.

Kibris Gazetesi

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