North Cyprus Rally Championship Ends

The fourth leg of the TRNC 2017 Rapa Drift Championship, organised by the Northern Cyprus Automobile Club, was held at the Cemsa Sporting Centre on Sunday.

Celal Bozbeyli took first place with 94 and 92 points in the qualifying rounds. Enver Haskasap followed Bozbeyli with 94 and 88 points and Akay Akbil ranks third with 89 points.

According to the rankings, the first 16 drivers went through to the second round and four competitors were eliminated early. The four contestants who competed in the semi-finals were Celal Bozbeyli, Yusuf Kocuk, Enver Haskasap and Ibrahim Yücebas.

North Cyprus News - Winners - North Cyprus Rally 2017Celal Bozbeyli was the winner of the contest, and Enver Haskasap was second and Ibrahim Yücebas was third. The youngest contestant Yusuf Çocuk, who achieved the best of his career, made it to fourth place.

Akay Akbil, who was the leader in the pre-race championship, was lucky and was fifth in the quarterfinals. Former champions Kerim Beşok came sixth, Bekir Özsusuzlu seventh and Yusuf Acemoğlu was eighth.

Cups were presented to the finalists at the awards ceremony at the end of the race.

Kibris Postasi

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