North Cyprus represented at two tourism fairs in January

North Cyprus is taking part in the CMT Stuttgart tourism fair in Germany, which continues until 24th January.

Minister of Tourism Faiz Sucuoglu attended the opening ceremony of the fair and visited the TRNC stand. He also carried out contacts with tour operators from different countries, Turkish Cypriot daily Gunes reports.

Tourism in North Cyprus was also represented at the Ferien Messe 2016 in Vienna, Austria, which ran from 14-17th January.

Meanwhile, in an interview by Turkish Cypriot daily Havadis with North Cyprus tourism minister Faiz Sucuoglu, he was asked how the tourism industry will cope with the effects of the terror bombings in Turkey on tourism in the TRNC.

Sucuoglu said that the terror attacks in Turkey also affects tourism in North Cyprus, because there are no direct flights and tourists have to fly through Turkey. The minister explained that they have already carried out contacts with tourism officials in Turkey. They met and discussed this issue with Tugrul Turkes, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for Cyprus Affairs. They also visited Turkey’s Minister of Tourism and discussed the problem with him.

Sucuoglu added that they also met with tourist operators in the South to encourage tourists who visit the South to also visit the North. He added that their target on tourists in the South is the Russian tourists.

Gunes, Kibris Gazetesi, Havdis

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