North Cyprus too small to be a viable country: Kidd

Recognising the TRNC would be dangerous in creating an unviable small country which would be vulnerable because of its size in a volatile region”, British High Commissioner to Cyprus Matthew Kidd said.

Kidd who met with British expats in Lapta on Wednesday, was replying to the suggestion made at the meeting that the simplest solution, after the failure of the Cyprus talks would be if the UK recognised the TRNC, Cyprus Today reported.

If it was as easy as that for us or for anybody else to recognise the TRNC, perhaps we would have done it. But it would not be for a number of reasons and I would like to focus you on one, which does not get very much attention”, he said

A state of 250,000 people in this part of the world would be very vulnerable. If it were an EU state it would be the smallest EU member state. Its economy currently is very heavily dependent on a third country, which is not an EU member state. Its ability to provide its own security in a part of the world which we can all see is not very stable or secure will be very, very limited. Both for the population of this hypothetical state and for everyone else around it that would be a dangerous thing to have. We, the world, do not need more fragile states in parts of the world which are dangerous”, he added.

Following shouts from some participants that the TRNC does exist, Kidd shot back, “You say it exists, I do not recognise it!

After the meeting, Kidd denied that any promises had been made regarding direct flights after the failure of the Annan Plan 2004. It was suggested that Tony Blair had made this promise. “He had no authority to say this. The obstacle to direct flights is the Chicago Convention and the International Aviation Authority”, Kidd retorted.

According to the report, expats were reassured that ‘first say’ on former Greek Cypriot property in the Turkish Cypriot constituent state under any federal settlement would go to ‘current occupants’, regardless of their nationality. In other areas subject to territorial adjustments such as Maras/Varosha for example, priority would be given to previous owners”.

Cyprus Today

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