North Cyprus to receive advanced new speed cameras

A new breed of ‘point to point’ speed cameras are being trailed on the Nicosia – Haspolat Road. Barring any major setbacks they will be in operation in July.

According to Interior Ministry spokesman, Ahmet Havanik, the firm which has installed these cameras is still testing and refining them. After the trials they will be used continuously.

These new cameras are a response to the recent spate of deaths in traffic crashes as a result of drivers speeding. They will be able to record vehicle speeds on both sides of the road and in both directions.

Mr Havanik says that currently drivers slow down when they see a speed camera but speed up as soon as they pass. These new cameras will not allow for that. By operating like the UK’s own SPECS system or ‘average speed check’, drivers speed is recorded continuously over a set distance. The argument is that it allows for people to overtake drivers going very slowly while still maintaining a safe average speed. The initial stretch of road being monitored is 3.5 kilometres long.

The current fixed speed cameras being used will be dismantled and erected elsewhere. Camera warning signs for the new system will be installed next week.

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