North Nicosia Rally Cancelled on Flimsy Excuse

The President of the North Cyprus Touring and Automobile Association Tigin Kişmir, held a press conference on Monday, regarding the cancellation by the South Cyprus Automobile Association of ‘Lefkoşa Special Stage’ of the European Rally Championship (ERC) and the Middle East Rally Championship (MERC).

This event has been taking place since 2014 with the cooperation of South Cyprus Automobile Association and North Cyprus Touring and Automobile Association.

Kişmir stated that they could not make any sense of the cancellation of the Rally.

North Cyprus News - Cyprus Rally - Special Stage - NicosiaThe Lefkosa Special Stage of the Rally, which is notable for being the only common international event to be held between South and North Cyprus, has also proven to be “the most successfully organised bi-communal event”, the Association’s president said.

Stating that the Cyprus Rally is the only recognised and cross-border event in which Turkish Cypriot athletes participate under an international umbrella, Kişmir indicated that South Cyprus Automobile Association had cancelled the Lefkosa Special Stage of the Cyprus Rally by using the Lefkoşa Stage of the North Cyprus Rally which was held between 1-4 June 2018, as an excuse. These excuses are completely insubstantial, he said.

TRNC Public Information Office

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