North not ready to adopt EU standards: Denktaş

The Ministry of Finance is not ready for the European Union in the event of a possible solution to the Cyprus problem, Vice-President and finance minister Serdar Denktaş, has said. He added that many sectors in the country, including the public sector, should seriously focus on this issue.

Denktaş argued that harmonising only the laws and regulations with the EU acquis is not enough, and that the country needs to speed up preparations to produce goods and offer services that meet with EU standards.

Referring to the Cyprus negotiations, Denktaş said that it is advancing positively and added that the government will support President Mustafa Akinci. Noting that they are waiting with interest, for the common agreement which the leaders will announce within the forthcoming days, Denktaş added that he was surprised about the decision to issue a common statement only a few days before the parliamentary elections in South Cyprus.

Denktaş said that the government will not put Akinci in a difficult position with decision making during the negotiating process and they will never abandon him.

He also rejected allegations that he will sign the economic protocol with Turkey without reading it and that 25,000 persons would be granted TRNC citizenship immediately.

He said that relevant statements on the issue of granting citizenship to 25,000 persons will be made after the financial protocol with Turkey is signed. “We will make the legal arrangements and do the work required on the issue of citizenship without violating human rights”, he said, adding that the citizenship law will be prepared according to international law and human rights protocols.

Kibris Gazetesi

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