TRNC was ready and able to manage water project back in 2013

A retired university professor, Dr Tahir Celik, who was Dean of the Engineering Faculty at EMU University in 2013, said that back then, a working group of 30 people had prepared a report requested by the Ministry of Environment and Natural.

Celik told ‘Kibris Postasi’ that they had been prepared in 2013 and that the Turkish Cypriots were in a position to be able to manage the water themselves.

Explaining that there was a pool of knowledge, human resources, will and motivation, and the issues being discussed now had already been discussed and argued then. All of the issues had been on the table back in 2013 when all the reports had been prepared, he said.

The professor also noted that officials from the Turkish water authorities DSI were also present at the meetings in 2013 and had accepted that the Turkish Cypriots were capable of undertaking the project as well. He said now that he wished the work had been carried forward.

Kibris Postasi

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