Notorious UK tax fraud criminal arrested in TRNC

One of Britain’s most-wanted tax fugitives has been arrested in North Cyprus after spending months on the run.

Michael Voudouri was arrested at his home in the TRNC after allegedly using a forged passport, Police Scotland said.

He was listed among the UK’s 10 most wanted tax fugitives last August after failing to appear for sentencing in connection with a multimillion-pound scam.

Voudouri had pleaded guilty to money laundering charges linked to VAT fraud, and confessed to secreting away more than £10m in accounts in Cyprus, Greece and Switzerland as part of a complex VAT scam before he skipped bail 14 months ago, failing to turn up for sentencing at the High Court in Glasgow.

His arrest came after being given away by expats and a tell-tale Facebook photograph. Voudouri was tracked down by police after his 26-year-old daughter posted a photo of herself on one of the island’s beaches

Voudouri’s associates, Richard Housley and Caroline Laing, are currently serving four-year and two-and-a-half-year jail terms respectively.

A Crown Office spokesman said: “We are aware that Michael Voudouri has been arrested and is currently in custody in northern Cyprus [TRNC] in connection with an alleged immigration offence. We await the outcome of those proceedings with interest.”

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