Number of Nightclubs in Nicosia to lose licenses

North Nicosia Mayor Mehmet Harmancı, has said that cabaret bars under his council’s jurisdiction, suspected of being involved with prostitution, will not have their licenses renews.

Speaking on the eve of International Women’s Day, he said that it was alleged that these clubs were using women who were essentially sex slaves.

Harmancı made the announcement jointly with council’s committee for gender equality.

There has been concern expressed by international human rights organisations about prostitution in the North, which is illegal. Countless women who come from abroad, many looking for other kinds of work, have their passports taken from them by the police. They then find themselves forced into sex work. Many of them are afraid to ask for help from the authorities. Meanwhile, there are several webistes offering ‘sex tourism’ to North Cyprus.

Kibris Gazetesi

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