Number of Coronavirus Cases in North Rises to 33

Cyprus News - CoronavirusThe total number of cases of coronavirus – Covid-19 has risen to 33.

According to the Ministry of Health’s statement, a positive result was obtained in the test conducted on 12 German tourists in quarantine at Salamis Bay Conti Hotel and the wife of a Turkish Cypriot patient who is still infected by the coronavirus.

Health Minister Ali Pilli announced that 12 German tourists and 1 TRNC citizen tested positive as a result of the examinations made today. He stated that the TRNC citizen, who has tested positive today, is the wife of the TRNC citizen, who was found carrying the coronavirus.

Minister Pilli said that the total number of positive cases in the TRNC has risen to 33. While 67 cases have emerged in the south of the island to date, it has been announced that 2 cases have recovered and have reached the stage of discharge.

The first case in the south was diagnosed on March 9, and in the north on March 10, a 65-year-old tourist from Germany reported herself to Famagusta Hospital with a fever.

In the south, 9 new cases of the coronavirus have been discovered. The total number of cases in the south is 67.

Yeni Duzen

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