Offer of Direct Flights Proposed Again

North Cyprus News - Passengers arrive - Ercan
[Passengers Arrive at Ercan Airport – File Photo]
Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Greek Cypriot leader Nicos Anastasiades has re-communicated to President Ersin Tatar the offer of direct flights to Ercan in return for Maraş and a direct trade via the Port of Famagusta, Yeniduzen reported.

The six-page letter was published in detail by Greek Cypriot daily Phileleftheros.

The letter also included a reminder of  the framework for the resumption of negotiations for the reunification of Cyprus under a federal roof.

Reminding that the constituent states that make up a federal Cyprus will have equal political status and delineated administrative boundaries to govern autonomously, Anastasiades also reiterated the consensus that “the constituent states will use all their powers fully and uninterruptedly without the domination of the federal government”.

Pointing out that Cyprus would remain a member of the European Union, even after the solution, Anastasiades said, “The agreement for a united Cyprus will ensure and protect all Cypriots to fully enjoy their fundamental freedoms and human rights without interruption”.

These are the confidence-building measures outlined by Anasastiades:

Maras-Timbu (Ercan) Airport:

  • The fenced-off town of  Varosha and access to it will be transferred to the UN administration in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions 550 and 789 so that legal residents can return as soon as possible under security conditions.
  • In parallel with this process, Ercan Airport will be given to the management of the UN and will operate in full compliance with the relevant international law rules, including the 1944 Chicago Convention, and the 1960 Establishment Convention.
  • It will remain a single and indivisible flight information zone (FIR) in Cyprus.

Famagusta Port-Ankara Protocol:

  • Practical arrangements for trade through Famagusta Port will be agreed in line with the 10th protocol of Cyprus’ 2003 EU accession text. These exchanges will be managed by the European Commission.
  • Turkey will lift its restrictions on Cyprus and implement the Additional Protocol of the Accession Treaty fully and without exception for Cyprus, thereby allowing, among other things, the access and opening of Turkish (Turkish) ports to Cypriot-flagged ships.
  • Cypriot citizens will not be deprived of a single drop of hydrocarbons and their possible income. Even before the Cyprus problem is resolved, the relevant income for the Turkish Cypriot community will be deposited into a special account in proportion to the population/citizens of the future constituent states.
  • An Exclusive Economic Zone/Continental Shelf delimitation agreement will be signed between Cyprus and Turkey.

Invitation to Renegotiation

 In his letter dated 6 May, Anastasiades invited Ersin Tatar to renegotiations within the framework approved by the international community.

 Anastasiades said, We must negotiate the possible and realistic, not the undesirable and impossible to achieve“, and laid out the negotiation framework as per the January 11, 2014 Eroğlu-Anastasiades agreement.

Addressing Tatar with the phrase “Dear Ersin“, Anastasiades also referred to the UN Security Council resolution 716 dated 1991.

Proposed Negotiation Framework

Anastasiades reminded Tatar of the elements and negotiation framework that emerged in the 2014 agreement:

“Unification, in whole or in part, with another country, or any division or separation, or any other unilateral change of status, is prohibited.”

“The two constituent/constituent federated states will have equal political status and designated administrative boundaries to govern autonomously.”

“The constituent states will exercise all their powers fully and uninterruptedly, without the domination of the federal government.”

“Federal laws shall not violate the laws of the constituent states within their jurisdiction, and the laws of the constituent states shall not violate the laws of the federal government within their jurisdiction.” 

“None of the parties will be able to claim the right or authority of the other. The federal constitution will provide for the remaining (residual) powers to be exercised by the constituent states.”

 “Each constituent state will have the right to establish certain criteria regarding its internal citizenship status.”

“The right to vote shall be held in the constituent state in which the citizen does not hold internal citizenship status but in which he or she chooses to reside or work in the constituent state.”

“As an EU member, Cyprus will remain a member of the EU after the settlement, which will ensure and protect the full uninterrupted enjoyment of all Cypriots’ fundamental freedoms and human rights.”

 “The two communities will actively participate in the federal government with special provisions so that one community cannot claim the authority or rights of the other community.”

The continuation of the letter referred to the rapprochement recorded in the negotiations. In the letter, the following was stated in order to overcome other unjustified concerns of the Turkish Cypriot side that may be right or wrong:

 “I suggested that the administrative exercise of federal powers be taken from the federal level and consigned to the constituent states. With this proposal, each constituent state will enjoy broad administrative autonomy both within its own administrative region and without violating the principle of subsidiarity and proximity, while reducing the powers of the central government, the everyday life of both communities and citizens. 

“It will minimise the turmoil in their life and thus reduce the possibility of conflict. Moreover, the people of Cyprus will feel more comfortable with such an arrangement. 

“The Turkish Cypriot community finds itself under the hegemony of the majority (population) community and the Greek Cypriots themselves through the foresight that an affirmative vote will be required in any institution. They will not feel enslaved by the interests of the Turkish side”.


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