Oil discovered in Bogaz village

In a continuing search for hydrocarbons in the Bogaz region, the presence of oil in the village of Sınırüstü has been discovered.

Onshore drilling operations began in April 2012 in Sınırüstü. However, the well, known as Türkyurdu-1 and 4000 meters deep was capped in October as no oil had been found.

However, Minister of Economy, Industry and Commerce Sunat Atun said that a joint search project with Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO), conducted in the village of Sınırüstü has now found that there is an oil reservoir. He added that this means that there is gas under the ground.

Speaking on Kibris TV, Atun argued that “there is a high possibility of finding oil and natural gas both in the sea and on land”. He noted that it shows that the region is rich in hydrocarbons.


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