One day strike at Girne Employment Office

Chairman of of the Civil Servants Union (KTAMS) Ahmet Kaptan has said that Girne, which is the fastest growing region in the country, has about 14 thousand registered workplaces and that there are only two inspectors in charge of conducting inspections of these businesses.

Staff numbers are very poor and some of them are temporary, employed under the Act of Privatisation and the Act on Disability, and that the number of staff appointed by the Public Service Commission is too low, he said.

Despite all the warnings and actions we have made regarding the Girne Labour Office, the government has taken no action and has caused the decision to strike in this department with our employees”, the union leader said.

Kaptan said that the most important value is human life, The UBP-DP government has refused to employ the inspectors who would carry out inspections to ensure occupational health and safety, thereby deregulating the Labour Office.


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