One fifth of TRNC employees work illegally

A report has emerged that between 51-60%  of the TRNC’s GDP, was “black economy”.

According to a report on the black economy in the TRNC, prepared by the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, the “unregistered national income” is estimated between 22% and 29% of the official income.

The research showed that 52% of the unregistered workers are TRNC citizens and 48% are foreigners. 27.6% of the illegal workers are self-employed and 12.6% work for an employer. It also said that 19% of public sector workers hold an unregistered second job.

The percentage of unregistered employees in the North has been found to be 20.8% of the total number of the employees, which means that one out of five persons work illegally in the TRNC.

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