One Road Death and 46 Injured in One Week

One person died and 46 people were injured in 80 traffic accidents that took place between 11-17 June, according to police reports. Total damages to property amounted to 313,200 TL

The causes of the accidents were 21 cases of speeding, 19 not taking care at crossroads, 16 incidents of driving too close to the car in front, 14 cases of careless driving and 10 accidents due to other factors.

The highest number of accidents occurred in Kyrenia (31), in Nicosia (21), 16 in Famagusta, 7 in Iskele and 5 in Guzelyurt.

Meanwhile over the same period, police traffic checks were carried out throughout the country, 5,892 vehicle drivers were monitored with 488 traffic violation recorded.

The top three worst traffic offences were: Speeding (144), talking on a mobile phone while driving (51), ignoring traffic signs and signals (38).

TAK News Agency

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