One third of GC politicians would vote ‘yes’ in referendum

A new survey published in South Cyprus indicates that seven parties would win seats in the Greek Cypriot Parliamentary elections on 22 May.

Greek Cypriot daily Phileleftheros wrote that, according to the survey conducted by “Pulse” Research Company, DISY maintains its lead with a 23.7 per cent vote rate. Survey results show that DISY is followed by AKEL with 18.3 per cent, DIKO with 9.9 per cent, Citizens Alliance with 4.7 per cent, EDEK with 4.5 per cent, Ecologists with 4 per cent, Solidarity Movement with 4 per cent, and ELAM with 2.1 per cent.

8.1 per cent of respondents declared that they would not vote, 12.4 percent did not answer the question of how they would vote, and 4.5 percent indicated that they would use invalid / blank vote.

Concerning the Cyprus problem, the majority, more than half of those polled, said they did not see a solution being reached, while 40 per cent said they believed a solution was possible. In the case of a referendum, more than a third said they would vote “yes”. The same number said they were not in a position to know yet how they would vote, and 27 per cent said they would vote “no”.

TRNC Public Information Office

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