Only Maras/Varosha might be returned: Denktas

Deputy Prime Minister Serdar Denktaş, has said that only “border adjustments” should be made on the territory issue after such a long period. No land except for the fenced-off city of Maras/Varosha should be returned to the Greek Cypriots, he said.

Recalling that President Akinci had submitted a proposal for 29.2% on territory and the Greek Cypriot side for 28.2%, Denktaş argued that this is a certain sign that the territory on the Turkish Cypriot side fall below 29%. “And together with those who will come among us to obtain property and will not exceed 20%, this percentage will decrease to 27% and perhaps more,” he asserted. He also remained critical that the Turkish Cypriot side had presented a map at the last stage of the talks in Switzerland.

Referring to the guarantees, Denktaş said: “The guarantees must in no way be revised. The Treaty of Alliance and Guarantee is a part of the primary law of the EU because is a part of the Treaty of establishment of the Republic of Cyprus. The slightest change made will remove the guarantees from primary law and they might be annulled in the future“.

Yeni Duzen

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