Onshore drilling in Iskele: Pollution already?

Drilling for oil in the village of Sinirustu, Iskele has finished, however it may have created a major environmental problem. Local people are complaining  about dark coloured water that has seeped into trial wells, drilled by the Turkish Petroleum Corporation.

Yesterday evening samples were taken from the polluted water and mud to test for chemicals. The muhtar of the village, Halil Yenigun, said that it was not right to close up the trial wells without taking samples and that the village people were very worried. There are concerns that the polluted water may have mixed with drinking water from about 40 wells supplying  the village. Muhtar Yenigun testified that there was a strong smell of sewage in the air and that two wells are full of dirty water.

Drilling for oil began in April this year and was only recently completed. The director of mining company Arpalikli Ltd., stated that the wells had been left in a satisfactory condition and that even if someone fell into a well, they would not suffer. He went on to say that his firm was committed to landscaping and tree planting.

Further drilling was abandoned last month because no oil had been found.

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