Onus lies with Turkey to scrap old guarantee system

“The success of talks in Mont Pèlerin will bring us within range to complete the negotiations for solving the Cyprus problem,” said South Cyprus Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides, adding that the next step would be to discuss the issue of security.

“The continuing occupation, is forcing the Turkish Cypriots into further submission to Turkey whereas a solution will lead to a peaceful coexistence with Greek Cypriots, he said.

“If Turkey really wants a solution, she must prove it on the security issue, a failure to reach a commonly accepted security model in Cyprus, will weigh heavily on Turkey and Turkey alone, the Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister said.

“Our aim is for everybody on the island to feel equally safe, we cannot accept archaic provisions in matters of security which give a third country military intervention rights in a united, European, sovereign and democratic Cyprus or any part thereof,” said Kasoulides.

Cyprus Weekly

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