Open Varosha after the solution: Siber

CTP Presidential Candidate Sibel Siber addressed a luncheon hosted by several Turkish Cypriot associations last week. At the luncheon she said that she supported the suggestion that the Cyprus negotiations resume after 19th April (presidential election date).

Referring to the issue of hydrocarbons, Siber stressed that both sides should benefit from the revenues and that cooperation on this issue should be part of the foundations for peace on the island.

As regards the issue of opening the fenced-off town of Varosha, she noted that both communities should show goodwill and work together to rebuild the town.

Launching technical projects for the reconstruction of Varosha would turn it into a symbol of peace in Cyprus, she said.

However, she added that the unilateral opening of Varosha without a solution in place would would trigger a new crisis.

Source Yeni Bakis

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