Opening up Maraş will boost the economy: Denktaş

Opening up the fenced-off town of Maraş/Varosha is extremely positive, deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş has said.

The time has come to meet political and economic needs instead of allowing it to remain in its current state, he said. Denktaş further added: “It will be an important opening to see Turkish Cypriots and Greek Cypriots live and work together once the area becomes operational again”.

He noted that the opening up Maraş will affect many sectors, in particular construction.

Denktaş said: “The opening [of Maraş] will revive the area. We kept it closed for years thinking that a solution will happen and we’ll return it. But that didn’t happen”.

In an interview with Ankara Anatolia news agency, the deputy PM said that the Cyprus talks have been going on for years now aiming for a solution on the basis of a bi-communal, bi-zonal federation within the framework of UN parameters. Despite all the years of negotiations, Denktas said that no result would come of this and added that the continuation of the Cyprus talks within these parameters has lost its meaning.

Stating that sole representation of the island by the Greek Cypriot side should end, Denktaş argued that under no circumstances, they [the Greek Cypriots] want to share the authority which has been granted to them by international community. For this reason, a solution cannot be reached Denktaş added, saying that “An equal federal state cannot be formed with a community, where the two sides are not equal”.


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