Opening Varosha Will Boost TRNC Economy

North Cyprus News - Ersin TatarPrime Minister Ersin Tatar who took part in the North Cyprus Tourism Cooperation Meeting and reception in Istanbul, addressed topics that are currently on the agenda in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Referring to the issue of the fenced-off town of Varosha/Maraş, the Prime Minister said that the area had been closed for 45 years and this was enough and emphasised the need for the area to be opened up to settlement under Turkish administration.

The area has been closed for 45 years and that’s enough. There are compensation issues. Research carried out show that most of the properties in the closed city of Maraş were Ottoman properties. The wrong doings that took place during the British era shows that the properties were wrongly depredated. That area needs to be opened up to settlement under Turkish administration. There is an institution in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus called the Immovable Properties Commission. It’s recognised by Europe. They will have to apply there. Its former residence could be Greek Cypriots and British nationals or even Americans”, said Tatar.

He said that they wanted to open up the closed city of Maraş in sections and expressed the belief that. with its opening. it will contribute to the TRNC economy.

Due to it being closed there are compensation issues and we must be rid of this. Our government is working on this issue and we are carrying out an inventory of the area” said Tatar and continued to explain the steps that will be taken by the government.

That area is within the TRNC’s borders, under the protection of our Security Forces. It is clear that the area was an important tourism destination”, he said.

Touching on the developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, the prime minister said that very important steps had been taken in this region. Reiterating that the Turkish Cypriot people also had a right to the riches in the Eastern Mediterranean, Tatar said that Turkey had rights as well.

With the agreement we have made, Turkish ships are in the area. All these developments are on point. These drilling efforts cannot be carried out unilaterally. If you are going to go ahead alone then Turkey will also proceed”, he said.

Noting that when Turkey is strong it gives morale to the TRNC, the PM pointed to the importance of solidarity during these times.

Explaining that they were carrying on with their works on behalf of the future generation’s rights and interest, Prime Minister Tatar accused the European Union of taking sides on this issue.

He said that they were aware of the unilateral efforts being carried out by the EU and South Cyprus, the he noted that through partnership, all problems could be solved in Cyprus.


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