Opposition leader and unions support Akinci in negotiations

A number of trade unions have accused the coalition government of not wanting to resolve the Cyprus problem. The coalition had demanded that a government representative takes part in the Cyprus negotiations.

KTOS (Turkish Cypriot Primary School Teachers Union) stated that both coalition parties – the National Unity Party (UBP) and the Democratic Party (DP) are against the solution and the unification of the island and said that their organisation fully supports Akinci at the negotiation table.

KTOEOS (Turkish Cypriot Secondary School Teachers Union) also expressed its support for Akinci and noted that it will continue to offer the president any assistant needed. It also criticised the UBP and DP for their recent attitude at a time when important developments are taking place in the Cyprus negotiations.

DEV –IS Trade Union also criticised the two parties accusing them of aiming to hurt the negotiations.

Meanwhile, Turk-Sen stated that its support and trust towards Akinci is full and noted that the behaviour of the UBP and DP have exhibited towards president will not be tolerated.

Yesterday, Havadis reported that leader of the CTP Mehmet Ali Talat, while acknowledging the difficulties in the Cyprus negotiations, said that the tension observed between the government and Akinci was worrying and argued that this would weaken the president both internationally and in front of the Greek Cypriots.

Prime Minister Huseyin Ozgurgun had said that there had been statements from the Greek Cypriot side which had caused concern. President Akinci, he said, should clarify the situation. Akinci had said that some of the Greek Cypriot press statements were groundless.

Talat pointed out that using Greek Cypriot news reports, as a point of reference was a mistake. The Greek Cypriot side publishes “manipulating news”, he said, adding that if their reactions are based on such information, they will serve the Greek Cypriot side. “If we ask questions based on the news in the Greek Cypriot press, we help to further the hidden intentions of the Greek Cypriot side”, he argued.

Afrika, Havadis

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