Other reactions to the Istanbul dinner debacle

TRNC Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertugruloglu has condemned President Anastasiades for not attending the state dinner held in Istanbul to which President Akinci received a last minute invitations.

Speaking on ADA TV, he said that “Anastasiades’ reaction is very natural in view of the political line he personally follows”.

Ertugruloglu said that Greek Cypriot leader’s reaction was not right and added that other Greek Cypriot leaders in the past had taken that attitude that: “I am the President of the Republic of Cyprus, the only one recognised by the world”.

The foreign minister also expressed the belief that Anastasiades’ behaviour will not affect the negotiations for more than a week and argued that the international community will not give Anastasiades the opportunity to sabotage the process, since he has no excuse to do so.

Ertugruloglu said the view that Anastasiades reaction to this issue is nothing other than a “trick he plays” in order not to be criticised by the South.

Elsewhere BRT reports that the General Secretary of the Turkish Republican Party (CTP) Tufan Erhuman said that Anastasiades action over Akinci’s dinner invitation was “… stereotypical behaviour by the Greek Cypriot side”.

He added “I wish that he [Anastasiades] had attended the dinner, breaking with stereotypical behaviour and reflecting the sincerity he had previously shown to Akinci”.

Star Kibris, BRT

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