Outsiders engineered Annan plan referendum results: Erel

Ali Erel, member of the EU Association’s supervisory board and the president of Chamber of Commerce in the days of the Annan Plan said that a ‘yes’ vote on one side and ‘no’ on another was a result of a  “fine operation”.Cyprus news - Ali Erel

“The Cyprus Problem is a tiny problem because both sides are small. However there are major fronts outside and as long as they see an incentive in defending either side this problem will linger. Discussions about natural gas etc are all artificial,” he said. Ali Erel was speaking on BRTK radio where he analysed the 10 years after the Annan Plan.

Talking about the Annan Plan referendum Erel said “10 years passed since then and I can say that Turkish Cypriots did the right thing by voting “yes”.. It brought self-confidence, at least temporarily. This was a referendum which exceeded left-right debate. In the midst of an oppressive regime we did the right thing in north and south. But it was unsuccessful in the end.”

He went on to say:  “Turkey’s policy on Cyprus is still the same as it has always been; I don’t think it has changed. Their politics is based on division (taksim) and it’s based on separation with the Greek Cypriots. “You Cypriots are just tiny flies” policy of Turkey has been successful… Despite the international public pressure their politics have succeeded and the ones who did not want solution, namely Papadopoulos and Turkey collaborated with the anti-solution fronts in north and Greece. So, one side saying “yes” and the other saying “no” was actually a fine design.”

 “Actually the Cyprus problem would have been small as both sides are small. Discussions, designs and versions regarding energy recourses are all artificial.  There isn’t actually a major problem here but there is a major “side”. And as long as that “big side” claims the half of the island by saying it’s important for their security problem will linger for the ones who have been paying the price and who are living with hesitation because of negativity. If we continue to live in fear or only for the sake of personal interest the problem will linger,” Erel concluded.


Kibris Postasi

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