Overseas students make massive contribution to TRNC budget

University students, coming from Turkey or third world countries to study in the TRNC, greatly contribute to the economy of the TRNC, Odul Muhtaroglu, undersecretary for the State Planning Organisation (DPO) has said. He added that the revenue gained from higher education in 2016 amounted to half of the TRNC budget.

Muhtaroglu said that the students live in the north for 9-10 months every year and spend money in different sectors. He added that the revenue from higher education in 2015 was 636.2 million dollars, in 2013 535.6 million dollars and in 2014 589.8 million dollars. Muhtaroglu pointed out that the revenue for 2016 was the highest at 661 million dollars.

Noting that 15 higher education institutions operate in the TRNC, Muhtaroglu said that there are 93 thousand students attending. Eighty thousand are from Turkey and the rest are from third world countries.

Kibris Postasi

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