Ozankoy hosts motorcycle rally

Ozankoy was the venue for a motorcycle rally which has travelled all over the island.

Part of the aim of the rally was to spread motor cycle culture across the island and to demonstrate that motorcyclists should be careful when driving in traffic, that they were legally obliged to wear helmets and that motorcyle headlights should be on when driving so that motorists and indeed pedestrians could spot them more easily.

It was a fun day and a rock band and other musicians accompanied eating. Even those who were not motorcycle enthusiasts were able to have a good time in the merry atmosphere.

Last year, it became compulsory for motorcycle riders to wear helmets in North Cyprus. Riders caught without helmets face a fine of 195 TL plus 30 points on their licence for small bikes and 325 TL fine and 50 points for larger bikes.

Chairman of the Road Traffic Accident Prevention Association Mehmet Avci said at the time that, “All motorcyclists should wear a helmet, as being conscious of this is for their own safety. Crash helmets (help) minimise the risks of being seriously injured or killed in a possible crash “.


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