Ozankoy Rape Trial continues

The case of Mehmet Caka (22) who is accused of raping a 76 year old Ozankoy woman continued yesterday.

Firstly evidence was taken from an expert witness from Turkey. He was from the Ankara Crime Lab team and was there for the prosecution. This expert said that samples taken from the victim matched the DNA of samples taken from Mr Caka.

Mr Caka then took the stand. He denied the charges of rape and assault but claimed that he had sex with the victim three times and that he was ashamed of that.

Mr Caka claims that he has known the victim for around six weeks and that they had initially met at the Karakum Lemar car park. As she was loading her car with shopping, she dropped a bag and he went to help. He then set off to meet his friend at Bellapais and decided to go through Ozankoy to shorten his walk. He then went on saying:

“On the way, the victim stopped me in her green car and invited me to her home. I unloaded the shopping for her in the kitchen. She disappeared for a while then returned with a beer and blue robe. She took off her robe and went into the swimming pool naked. She swam for about 15 minutes then came into the house and closed the windows. She called her dog Olive, into the house and gave me another drink. Then we went at it.

Next time I went to her house she invited me in for a meal and showed me her paintings. We had sex three times in total. The first time was in April but I do not remember when exactly. The next time I showed up she gave me TL 600 and £20. She took me back to Catalkoy but dropped me off before we got to my house so that nobody would see us.

The third time I visited her for sex, I drove to her house. We had pizza delivered and drank beer. She was applying nail polish. Then we had sex in her bedroom. I certainly did not hit her. I am ashamed that I had sex with a 76 year old woman.

The following time I visited her we did not have sex as she said that her son in law and daughter would be visiting. She said that if I saw them I would recognise them.

I confess that I took her mobile phone”.

Mr Caka then went on to say that about four months after he last had sex with the woman, police showed up at his workplace.  He said that:

They took me back to the police station, handcuffed me and questioned me about the mobile phone. They told me to write out a statement the way they wanted it. It was about the phone, nobody mentioned the old woman. They took my fingerprints and searched my house.

At this stage the prosecutor Erdinc Akyener objected, saying that it had already been established in court that the statement obtained by the police had been voluntary and not under police pressure.

Mr Caka continued that he had given a blood sample voluntarily and it was only at that stage that the Ozankoy police claimed that he had raped the woman.

“I accepted that I had had sex with her but I did not beat or rape her. The police then took me home and took photos. At that stage the woman showed up in her green car and the police told them that I had confessed to having had sex with her. She said that she wanted to tear me apart. The police then beat me up and forced me to sign another statement,” he said.

The Court said that Mr Caka would take the stand on March 6th for his testimony to be cross examined.


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