Ozersay Accused of Populism

MP for the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Doğuş Derya, has said that the recent statements by Deputy PM and Foreign Minister Kudret Ozersay were nothing but populism.

Ozersay condemned the massacre of Palestinians in the Gaza strip by the Israeli army, saying that “It is for these reasons that the Turkish Cypriots demand an effective guarantee system in Cyprus”.

Commenting on social media, Derya condemned Ozersay’s statement, saying that those who try to link events in Palestine with the issue of Turkey’s guarantees are promoting nothing but populism.

The connection of the incidents in Gaza strip with Turkey’s guarantees in Cyprus is nothing else but populism and a lack of knowledge of history. It is not necessary to have scientific knowledge to pander to populism”, Derya said.

Yeniden Nacak

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