Özersay defends Nami’s visit to London

Turkish Cypriot chief negotiator Kudret Özersay has responded via social media to the Greek Cypriot government’s outcry against the TRNC’s Foreign Minister Özdil Nami’s recent visit to London, ‘Kibris Postasi’ reports.

During his visit to the UK, Nami made contacts with NGO groups, British MPs Simon Hughes and David Lidington, creating an outcry by the Greek Cypriot government.

Özersay said that he found it strange that the Greek Cypriot political parties and newspapers would react to the Turkish Cypriots’ voice being heard. “I am worried about the fact that Greek Cypriots are annoyed by the Turkish Cypriots’ international contacts,” he said.

“Why is it that the Greek Cypriots feel annoyed when we try to express our thoughts and desires to other countries by international contacts? I am annoyed by this disturbance of the Greek Cypriot political parties, spokesmen and without exception all their newspapers,” he stated.

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