Ozersay Disputes South’s EEZ Claim

Bilateral delimitation agreement of exclusive economic zones (EEZ) might come onto the agenda, Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Kudret Ozersay told the assembly.

Ozersay thanked Ersin Tatar, deputy for the opposition National Unity Party (UBP) for describing as “successful” the steps taken by the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey on the hydrocarbons issue and noted that the natural gas issue does not have only financial importance for them.

North Cyprus News - Marine territory mapThere is a disputable jurisdiction of sea area around Cyprus as regards the natural resources, and this is the usual situation in international law Ozersay argued. He also described as “indisputable”, the fact the Turkish Cypriot people have rights over the entire wealth around Cyprus. The measures taken by the Turkey had taken the Turkish Cypriot people’s will as a starting point, he said.

Stating that in 2011 the Turkish Cypriot side and Turkey “changed a paradigm” on the issue of sea jurisdiction by saying that “if you do not sit and discuss with us, we will also take actions similar to yours”, he argued that the second change in paradigm was the agreement regarding the delimitation of continental shelf between Turkey and the TRNC.

Ozersay further argued that the Greek Cypriot side was not able to offer security for a company to which it had granted an exploration license. It was shown that the South Cyprus has no de facto control in that area, an important factor, he noted.

Replying to a question regarding his contacts on the issue of the drilling in Cyprus’ EEZ, Ozersay noted that all these meetings are filed in the state archive and the minutes were communicated to the competent authorities, according to normal customs and practices.


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