Ozersay keen on May elections

Politics both in North and South Cyprus feeds on the inevitable up and downs of the Cyprus problem, Kudret Ozersay says.

Ozersay who recently launched a new political party – the People’s Party (HP), says that these factors have a negative influence on the negotiations and on the leaders.

“Internal politics has always been something impeding the Cyprus negotiating process. This is why we have not put this, that is to say, the Cyprus problem, as the first issue on our agenda, in order to avoid exploitation. However, within the framework of progress, we will express our views and we share our views with the community”, he said.

Ozersay said that the main mission of his party is to prepare the community for a possible “solution and partnership”. He noted that there is “even a little hope” for a solution to the Cyprus problem, adding that “actually there is always some hope”.

He said that they see that the people are embracing the HP and expressed his satisfaction and enthusiasm about this. “All these are developments, which further increase our responsibility”, he argued adding that the support they get is their biggest motivator.

Asked whether he is making a call for early elections, Ozersay said that if the government decides in the beginning of February to hold early elections in April, his party will not be able to participate because of the 90 day limitation. He noted that they think that the country would be seriously harmed by an early election in which the HP will not participate to offer an alternative. “On the other hand, reference is made on the political backstage for elections to be held in May. Yes, we support this and we want it”, he added.

Kibris Postasi

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