Ozersay scores top in election poll

A survey conducted by the Gezici Research Company between 26 and 27 March, 2016 with the participation of 2,057 persons living in the TRNC has shown that the People’s Party (HP) lead by Kudret Ozersay would receive the most votes if elections were held next Sunday.

According to the results of the survey announced yesterday in North Nicosia, asked “how would you vote if general parliamentary elections were held?”, the responses were as follows:

With distribution of the undecided voters (%) With distribution of the combined votes (%)

People’s Party (HP)  33.1  37.6

National Unity Party (UBP)   19.0   21.6

Republican Turkish Party (CTP)  16.8   19.0

Democratic Party (DP)   11.6   13.2

Social Democracy Party (TDP)  5.1    5.7

United Cyprus Party (BKP)  2.6   2.9

Combined     11.8

Asked which party they voted for during the parliamentary elections in 2013, the participants in the survey replied: CTP 31%, UBP 23%, DP 18%, TDP 4.5%, BKP 2.6%, combined 20.1% and other 0.4%.

Asked which candidate they voted for during the first round of the presidential elections in 2015, they replied:   Dervis Eroglu 28.3%, Mustafa Akinci 27.9%,  Sibel Siber 21.8%, Kudret Ozersay 20.9%, other 1,1%.

Yeni Bakis

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