Ozersay to Stand For Presidential Elections

Deputy PM and Foreign Minister – Kudret Ozersay

Foreign Minister and leader of the People’s Party (HP) Kudret Ozersay announced yesterday that he would be an independent candidate in the forthcoming presidential elections to be held in April.

Ozersay announced yesterday his decision to be an independent presidential candidate prior his visit to Turkey and his meeting with Turkish President Erdogan. Ozersay said: “I will set the party’s leadership aside henceforward since I have decided to be candidate and I will do it now and not after the elections”.

Following Ozersay’s announcement, the party’s general secretary Yenal Senin stated that he would undertake duties for the leadership of the party, as the party’s rules state and until the extraordinary party congress, which is to be determined by the party’s central committee next Sunday.

On the same issue, Turkish daily ‘Haberci’ reports that Senin said that although Ozersay has stated that he would be an independent candidate he would continue his duties in his position in the government as deputy prime minister and foreign minister.

Meanwhile, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Havadis’ reports that Ozersay said that his vision of the presidency would be based in following headings: 1) “multi-directional and pro-active foreign policy”, 2) “cooperation prior to the solution for the solution”, 3) “First communal peace”.

He added that in cooperation with experts he would make radical changes and restructure the presidency.

Regarding the first keystone of his policy called “multi-directional and pro-active foreign policy”, Ozersay said that apart from the policy they had followed on the Cyprus problem, there should be a specific foreign policy. “Within the framework of the proactive foreign policy that I would follow and implement, I would exert efforts so that the Turkish Cypriot people become a considerable regional actor in the region prior to the solution of the Cyprus problem”.

On the hydrocarbon issue, Ozersay said that he would implement new and creative policies. He argued that within this framework, he would carry out contacts and meetings with international natural gas and petrol companies. He further stated that he would follow a diplomatic path that would make the voice of the Turkish Cypriots heard on every international platform, including the UN, the EU and other international organisations.

Star Kibris, Haberci, Havadis

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