Ozersay could win next general election survey shows

Kudret Ozersay’s HP party could gain 30% of the votes in a general election.

According to Murat Gezici, head of Gezici Research Centre, the leader of the newly-formed People’s Party (HP) has won the trust of the people. The survey showed that his party could form a single-party government.

He added that the result of his survey was not surprising since the results of the last presidential elections showed that people were “sick” of the status quo. Ozersay won over 21.23% of the votes in the presidential elections last April.

Ozersay appears to be a good alternative and a man who is in touch with the world at large, Gezici said. He noted that, of course, the other candidates will also influence the percentage that the HP will gain in the next elections.

Halkin Sesi

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