Ozgurgun hits out at his critics

The Greek Cypriot administration does not oppose the granting of  citizenship to foreigners but criticizes those who come from Turkey to become citizens of the TRNC and that serves Greek policies, Prime Minister Hussein Ozgurgun has said.

Ozgurgun, who issued a special statement following events at Larnaca airport, when groups of tourists, who said they intended to visit the TRNC, were refused entry into the country, said that the Greek Cypriot side could not tolerate even the smallest positive developments on the Turkish side. He considered it “unacceptable” to prevent Israeli tourists from entering the TRNC and issuing a ban staying at 206 hotels owned by Greek Cypriots in the north.

Recently, the increase in the number of tourists coming to North Cyprus has scared the Greek Cypriots, said Ozgurgun. They were panicking, he said. The only policy of the Greek Cypriots is based on preventing the “Turks developing and growing”, declared the PM. “We are not going to surrender to the Greeks. We take necessary precautions with Motherland Turkey. They will not stop the development and progress of the Turkish Cypriot people,” he said.

Regarding criticism of the granting of TRNC citizenship, Ozgurgun asked why the criticism when the Greek Cypriots side sells citizenship for money.

He continued as follows:

Greek Cypriots earned 4 billion euros by selling citizenship. There are those of us who say ‘we are making citizens of the TRNC’. This is a policy for the south and south supporters. I do not know what kind of mood you are in.”


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