Parliament Bribery Scandal Explodes

Yesterday there was a  report about a press statement issued by Prime Minister Sibel Siber. She had announced the start of legal proceedings against a member of parliament for allegedly accepting a bribe related to the vote of confidence in her programme.

Today there have been startling developments in this story.

The MP concerned has identified himself as Ejder Aslanbaba (pictured above) and confirmed that he was bribed.

Mr Aslanbaba was one of the 8 UBP rebel MPs who left the party and were the cause of the fall of the government of Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk.

All 8 MPs then joined the DP party and were due to fight the elections on July 28th.

However Mr Aslanbaba was dropped from the list of candidates and resigned from the DP party. These lists are now closed for the elections.

Mr Aslanbaba claims that he was bribed by the head of the DP-UG party, Serdar Denktash. He was paid US$ 7,700 to vote for the new government programme yesterday.

He was also promised that if he resigned from the party, he would be made the new mayor of Iskele.

Mr Aslanbaba then dropped a bombshell. He claimed that he had voice recordings of the bribery transactions which clearly identified the parties involved.

Apparently Mr Aslanbaba has offered to donate the bribe money to the Dipkarpaz primary school.

Both Serdar Denktash and Ahmet Kasif, the leaders of the DP-UG party deny their involvement in these allegations. They say that this is the work of the recently toppled UBP party.

Mr Kasif claims that he did give Mr Aslanbaba money but says that this was a loan. He asks, “I wonder how much Irsen Kucuk paid to have this show?”

Denktash says that these allegations are wicked and need to be proved in court. He claims that Mr Aslanbaba asked for money to pay an outstanding electricity bill. He did this to try and set up a trap for Mr Denktash.

Kucuk denies setting up Mr Aslanbaba to make the bribery allegations. Kucuk says that Mr Aslanbaba was paid cash by Mr Kasif of the DP-UG party and that this was done yesterday in parliament.

During the parliament meeting yesterday, Mr Aslanbaba asked to speak from the podium but was denied this by the parliamentary speaker. The UBP party members led by Irsen Kucuk protested that he should be allowed to speak but this was overruled.

Mr Aslanbaba then waved dollar bills in his hand and deposited these with a cd on the desk of the speaker.

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