Parliament Remains In Limbo

North Cyprus News - TRNC Assembly - interiorUrgent items to be discussed at the Parliamentary General Assembly have again been temporarily shelved.

Following the resignation of the coalition government, Speaker of the Assembly Önder Sennaroğlu announced that the Advisory Board meeting, which was planned to be held today, had been postponed until Tuesday.

Sennaroğlu stated that, at a meeting held yesterday with the heads of political parties, both the CTP and HP demanded that they have time to evaluate the issue in their committees and therefore the Advisory Board meeting was postponed.

The Speaker of the Assembly stated that the Assembly will try to meet in order to hold an ‘audit’ today, and that if the quorum is not achieved, the meeting will be postponed to Thursday next week with the same agenda.

Sennaroğlu said that there were items that needed urgent attention among others were, Prime Minister Ersan Saner’s Foreigners and Immigration (Amendment) Draft Law, General Agricultural Insurance Fund 2021 Fiscal Year Budget Bill, Soil Products Authority 2021 Fiscal Year Budget Draft and Bayrak Radio and Television Corporation 2021 Fiscal Year Budget Draft. He noted that he had written a letter to the Parliament regarding these items.

In a later article, Yeniduzen reported that Parliamentary Speaker Önder Sennaroğlu had just announced that a quorum, once again, could not be reached today and that the General Assembly was postponed until Thursday, October 21, as October 18 is a public holiday. 


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