Parliament Requires Radical Reforms Report Says

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) and Dr. Fazıl Küçük Foundation organised a workshop called ‘Ideal Management System in the TRNC’.

The workshop was held with the participation of political scientists, public administrators, current and former politicians, party representatives, representatives of non-governmental organisations, experts, media representatives and intellectuals.

A report on the findings of the workshop has been published.

According to a statement made by EMU, the outcome of the report emphasised that the current system of government is not sustainable.

Noting that the current parliamentary system is helpless at solving problems in the country. The parliamentary system could become productive and effective only with very radical reforms.

It has been noted that the presidential system is a strong alternative to the parliamentary system, however, changing to the an executive presidential system alone is not enough to solve all the administrative problems of the Turkish Cypriot people, the statement read.

Kibris News Agency

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