Parliament to vote on IPC amendment for Turkish Cypriots

The TRNC’s Council of Ministers have approved an amendment to a law which will allow Turkish Cypriots to apply to the Immovable Property Commission to get compensation for properties they abandoned in the South. Currently only Greek Cypriots have been permitted to apply to the IPC for compensation.

Speaking to the press after the ministerial meeting, Foreign Minister Ozdil Nami said that the amendment would allow the exchange of property left behind in the South by Turkish Cypriots with properties in the North.

Nami said that the Council of Minister has decided to send the law proposal for parliament’s vote.

“We have extended the scope of applications to the Immovable Property Commissions. Up to this day only Greek Cypriots could apply, but this has changed. Now Turkish Cypriots will be able to apply to the Commission in order to exchange their properties left in the south with the ones they own in north” said Nami.

The new proposal has initiated speculation that the amendment might be part of a wider agenda regarding the outcome of the Cyprus negotiations.


Kibris Postasi

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