Parties have varied reactions to FETO investigations

The deputy Attorney-General Ergul Kizilokgul said that investigations are under way regarding persons in the TRNC that are involved with the Gulenist organisation FETO. He confirmed that there is a list of 53 policemen who appeared to be linked with the organisation, Turkish Cypriot daily ‘Kibris’ reports.

He also said that there is another list consisting of 13 persons who are also members of the police force that are under investigation. Kizilokgul added said the number of suspects will be increased.

The paper further reports that the Turkish Cypriot political parties are having varied reactions to the issue of FETO. While the coalition government parties, Democratic Party (DP) and the National Unity Party (UBP) say that decisions should be taken after the investigations are completed, the opposition parties are accusing the government of not commenting or acting on the issue.

The UBP general secretary Dursun Oguz stated that now is not the right time for statements to be made about such a sensitive issue and noted that every act will take place in accordance with TRNC laws. The general secretary of the DP Afet Ozcafer, stated that a meeting should be held with the participation of ministers and deputies of the coalition parties to discuss the reports regarding the connections of the TRNC with FETO.

Opposition parties are calling on the prime minister to make a statement and are demanding that there is transparency during the investigations.

Chairman of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) Tufan Erhurman accused the government of not dealing with the issue the way it should and that it takes no responsibility and remains silent.

The chairman of the Communal Democracy Party Cemal Ozyigit stated that the government and the police should handle the issue with care and that parliament should be informed about the measures taken.

The member of the New Cyprus Party Albay Durduran said that the investigations taking place in the TRNC regarding FETO is another example of how the situation in North Cyprus is handled and said that the developments show that the police remained under the jurisdiction of the army.

Finally, the chairman of the United Cyprus Party, Izzet Izcan stated that the government remains weak and silent because is afraid to say anything to upset the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in Turkey.

On the same issue, ‘Star Kibris’ reports that names of businessmen and academicians are included in the list consisting of suspects of FETO members. It also writes that some Turkish members of FETO using companies in the TRNC which have connections with FETO have applied to European countries for visas, planning to escape the investigations in Turkey.

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