Parties meeting to try and form new coalition

President Mustafa Akinci has said that what is needed is a government which will uphold the interests of the Turkish Cypriots above everything else.

Speaking before departing for Istanbul on Wednesday, he said that the Turkish Cypriots need a government which could bring reforms, which should focus on the solution of the Cyprus problem and find solutions to domestic issues.

“None of the party leaders I met with yesterday claimed that they had a sufficient majority to receive a vote of confidence in parliament. They all requested a couple of days to hold contacts with each other so as to come to an agreement on a suitable government model. I’m hoping the picture will become clearer by Friday so that I may decide on whom to give the mandate to”, he said.

Responding to questions, he said that “the process to set up a new government was proceeding in a manner dictated by the constitution”.

President Akinci also expressed the view that the establishment of a government, as soon as possible, would benefit everyone.


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