‘Pay as you go’ mobiles phones must be registered

All ‘pay as you go’ mobile phones will need to be registered with the mobile phone company otherwise they will be cut off.

By 1st December, 2015 any ‘pay as you go’ mobiles not registered within 90 days will be cut off.

Information Technology and Communications Council head Kadri Buruncuk said that the law had been changed in 2012 but had not been enforced by the mobile phone companies; this had gone unnoticed until recently.

Buruncuk said the purpose of registering mobile phones was to be able to combat illegal use of phones and prevent them being smuggled into the country; registration would also help to track stolen phones and other crimes.

The public can still buy ‘pay as you go’ mobile phones from supermarkets but they must register them with the mobile phone company within 90 days.

Kibris Postasi

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