Peace keeping mission necessary to halt coup: Akinci

President Akinci on Sunday said a solution to the Cyprus Problem, based on the common vision and interest of both sides would benefit everyone, and future generations in particular.

His speech, which was transmitted on Bayrak, was delivered on the anniversary of the July 20 Turkish peace keeping mission.

Akinci spoke about events following the formation of the Republic of Cyprus in 1960. He described it as a difficult time for the whole island, and one during which innocent people lost their lives.

Akinci also referred to the coup, saying it had made a difficult situation even more complicated.

He said the coup could have been avoided “only through a military operation”.

“And this is what happened on July 20, 1974. There is no doubt that, even to we who refer to it as a Peace Operation, it really was a war. There is no doubt that the combative conditions were difficult and cruel. Some people lost their lives and others lost their relatives, homes were lost and families were scattered. Also, thousands of us had the traumatic experience of becoming refugees,” Akinici said.

He also said that, as much as the Turkish Cypriots went through in 1950 and 1960, the main victims of the 1974 tragedy, which he said was caused by the Greek ‘Junta’ coup, were the Greek Cypriots.

Akinci referred to what July 20 symbolised for the Turkish Cypriots, saying the date was seen as the start of a new age for the Turkish Cypriots who, however, first had to overcome the problem of security as a community.

Akinci said the Turkish Cypriot community deserves a better life and that, parallel to the efforts underway towards reaching an agreement (on the Cyprus Problem,) measures could have been taken to strengthen the infrastructure of the Turkish Cypriot community.

“For us to survive in a federal state and in the EU, there are things that have to be done, and done today no less,” he said.

Akinci said there had be a framework in place for the Turkish Cypriot community to support itself, to be able to govern, to develop its economy and democracy. This, he said, would be best for the future.

“It is my honest wish to see the new inclusive government make significant progress in this area,” he said. Akinci was referring to the so-called government in the occupied areas.

Elsewhere in his message, the Turkish Cypriot leader referred to the ongoing dialogue on the Cyprus Problem saying the aim was for a bi-zonal, bi-communcal, federal solution to be reached, based on a policy of equality and security.

“We are undertaking sincere efforts in this direction. We hope our efforts will bear fruit within a reasonable amount of time and there will be results that lead to an agreement that will be approved by the two communities in a simultaneous referendum,” Akinici said

He said his goal was for there to be permanent peace on the island without compromise on the issues of freedom, equality and security.

The Turkish Cypriot leader also said a solution was necessary not only for the Turkish Cypriots “but also for the other side of the island”.

He added there would be positive results for all those involved and that it was important that a solution based on common interests and common vision be reached.

“The older generations share their grief and the negative experiences of the past. Now we want the new generations to share the island’s boons and have a better life, free of uncertainty for the future,” Akinci said.

Kibris Postasi

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