Peace march to be held on both sides of the divide

The Bi-Communal Peace Initiative for a United Cyprus has organised a walk on 28th November.

Beginning at 11am on Saturday 28th November, one group will walk across the border from the South and gather outside the Presidential Palace in the North, while another group will walk from the TRNC to the Presidential Palace in the South.

A statement issued by the Initiative calling for unity, read that “reunification is more important than compromise to ensure peace for future generations. Jointly, our voices must be heard, loud and clear.”

Event organiser Christos Efthymiou, referring to the attacks on Turkish Cypriots in Nicosia on Monday, said that some circles planned to create a negative atmosphere at this time of the negotiations. It is increasingly important to diminish the effect of these fascist attacks, he said.

Kibris Gazetesi

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