Peace with TRNC will improve South’s economy: says Kucuk

Prime Minister Irsen Kucuk, speaking on Bayrak TV on Monday, evaluating the economic crisis in South Cyprus, stressed that the Greek Cypriots should improve their relations with the TRNC and motherland Turkey in order to be able to overcome their economic deadlock.

Kucuk claimed that the TRNC economy definitely won’t see much reflection of the economic crisis in the south, since the TRNC has a strong banking structure and economy.

Kucuk underlined the fact that “the Greek Cypriot side should withdraw from its old stance regarding relations with the TRNC, as this would help South Cyprus overcome its economic crisis”.

Also reacting against the burning of the Turkish flag in south Cyprus last week, Kucuk said that the incident is a sign of how far the Greek Cypriots are away from reaching an agreement with the Turkish Cypriots.

Referring  to the same incident, Finance Minister, Ersin Tatar said that such acts will never serve peace in Cyprus, adding: “Motherland Turkey is a strong country and the perpetuation of the TRNC state lies in Turkey’s further development”.

Kucuk said hydrocarbon reserves off Cyprus and the Turkish Cyprus water supply project –‘The Century Project’ were important economic developments and in order to benefit from those projects mutually, there should be first peace and agreement.

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