People’s Party (HP) tops voters’ list

The People’s Party (HP) led by Kudret Ozersay has come top of a poll which asked “who would you vote for if elections were held today?”

The results of the poll were as follows:

People’s Party (HP)  38.1%

National Unity Party (UBP)  26.7%

Republican Turkish Party (CTP)  19.6%

Democratic Party (DP)  5.2%

Social Democratic Party (TDP)  2.7%

Revival Party (YDP)  2.4%

Communal Liberation Party ((TKP)  1.3%

United Cyprus Party (BKP)  1.3%

New Cyprus Party (YKP)  1.2%.

It is noted that the HP’s votes come from: 19.3% UBP, 16% CTP, 20.8% DP, mixed votes 19.3%, persons who had not voted in the previous elections 14.6%.

Asked what concerned them the most 34% said that Cyprus problem, 28 % the traffic problem, 27% education, 18% partisanship, 18% corruption, 15% unemployment, 14% cost of living, 8.5% the water problem, 7.7% health, 6.8% the productivity of the public sector and 3% the environment.


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