Peoples’ Party wants revision of draft economic protocol

The People’s Party (HP), headed by Kudret Ozersay, has said that issues which are not related to the economy should not be included in the economic protocol to be signed with Turkey for the period 2016-18. The party announced yesterday the points to which it objects, the points it wants changed, the points on which it wants clarifications and the points which it considers positive in the draft economic protocol recently published in the press.

The party said it is wrong for to include issues which have no “direct or indirect relation” with the economy in the draft protocol.

Referring to the issues of dividing the electricity authority into three separate companies for production, transfer and distribution of electricity, the party expressed the view that this will cause a further increase in price of the cost of electricity.

According to the HP, the most realistic solution for telecommunications in the North is a model in which a percentage of local partners and local employees will participate and tax will be paid to the TRNC on the basis of sharing the income and the investments which need to be made.

The statement notes that any changes in the judiciary should be made after the members of the judicial organs are informed and their views and opinions are noted. The party said it opposes the change of the existing British judicial system and its substitution with another system, adding that all the elements which contribute to this development should be removed from the protocol.

The party argues also that it cannot understand who felt the need and why, to abolish the state planning organisation, adding that it sees “insincerity in work carried out behind closed doors without the government informing even the undersecretaries it had appointed”.

The party also expressed the view that there should be a debate about whether or not a public-private partnership is needed for the ports.

Kibris Gazetesi

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